The reason for this policy is to avoid putting a bunny in a situation where they are being adopted as a novelty gift for a child in the spirit of the Easter Holiday.  We have a very large number of rescues come to us because of this situation, after a few months go by, nobody is playing with or interested in the bunny anymore and we are lucky if we get a call and they aren't just "set free".  Domesticated rabbits are not equipped to withstand the heat, lack of vegetation, or predatory animals that inhabit the Arizona desert!







 - We will accept any bunny that needs a good home or care that you are unable to provide. 

         (A $40 surrender fee is required to help cover cost of care)

                 - If possible I prefer to coach bun parents through whatever issues they are having

                   that is causing them to have to re-home thier bunny in the first place.

 - We accept abandoned domesticated and wild rescues. 

         (Donations are appreciated, but not required in these situations)


All of our bunnies are very well kept and cared for, and we love them very, very, VERY much! We care that our bunnies go to good homes that is why we need to see that you can provide a safe loving environment where your bunny's health and happiness are a priority.

 - We strongly suggest anyone thinking about adopting a rabbit as a pet sign up to volunteer at our facility or another rabbit specific rescue on at least 10 separate occasions. This will give the whole family a much better idea of what care your bunny requires, what behavior is "normal" and when they are trying to communicate a need. As well as what warning signs you need to be aware of that the bun is not well. Knowing the subtle cues buns give when they are sick and knowing how to react is imperative to survival. Rabbits being prey animals, hide illness very well.


 - Sign up for a bunny information session (bunny class), the cost is $15 per person (group and sibling discounts available) and includes:

      - information printed or emailed to you for future reference  

      - power point presentation with interactive instruction on the basics of bunny care

      - each attendee will get to feed bunnies treats and recieve hands-on training on how to properly handle a               bunny.

      - Bunny Care Quiz!!  If you recieve at or above 85% on this quiz and wish to adopt a bunny the cost of the             class will be deducted from the adoption fee!

      - children's session also includes a bunny craft


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