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Donate to the rescue: 

Our rescue efforts are possible because amazing people like you are willing to donate!

The following list includes items that must be purchased or costs that incur on a regular and continuing basis:

  • Timothy hay 100 lb bale- approximately 1 bale/every 2 days = $60-$80/week

  • Water and electricity   

  • Fresh vegetables and  fruit every day 

  • 50  lbs bag Oxbow or Mazuri rabbit pellets, 2 bags/ week $70  

  • Gallons of vinegar for cleaning 

  • Critical Care ground rabbit diet

  • Benebac probiotic 

  • Condensed goat milk

  • Rabbit treats 

  • Potty pads

  • Litter pans

  • Building supplies to continue improving cages to best suit needs of the  bunnies  This one is very important as there has been a surge in abandoned rabbits we need to upgrade and enlarge facilities to be able to provide more aide.  At the moment we are unable to accept new animals due to space and cage availability.

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