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There is a lot of work involved in caring for so many bunnies that is why we gladly accept volunteers of all ages! EVERY VOLUNTEER MUST ATTEND A VOLUNTEER TRAINING SESSION PRIOR TO WORKING WITH THE ANIMALS. Anyone under 13 must be accompanied by an adult who has attended the initial volunteer training session, every time they come to volunteer. With the assistance of the staff, you’ll have lots of fun learning about what’s involved in caring for a large number of rabbits. While volunteering you might be asked to help with any of the following tasks:

  • Cleaning hay bins

  • Scooping debris and old hay out of cages

  • Refreshing food, and hay

  • Cleaning and filling water bowls

  • Washing food bowls

  • Sweeping inside around cages and outside, driveway access t

  • Socializing with the bunnies (must volunteer 5 times before being able to handle bunnies without assistance/ direct supervision of staff)

  • Grooming and brushing

  • Giving treats

  • Folding bunny laundry

  • Chopping veggies

  • Creating bunny toys

We will be providing each volunteer with their own packet that contains general rules and guidelines, as well as a log to keep track of hours that can potentially become credited community service hours!!! Come help us just love some bunnies!! 


Image by Waranya Mooldee
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to volunteer today!

Here at the Wascally Wabbit Wehab, we gladly accept loving volunteers who need community service hours, or anyone looking to just help with some bunnies! We provide formal volunteer packets upon first arrival to get you all familiar and set up with our company to be able to help. We as a company want to just expand, and with all that comes the needed volunteer help. 

Anyone 16 or below needs to be dropped off by parent/legal guardian, this is solely  for our company to ensure everyone's safety

for anyone who is interested in the PHX area, we are located in Glendale! 

Please give us a call so we can get you started! 

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